Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carvin' Our Punkin!

Grant got to help carve his first pumpkin this year. I think he had more fun sitting on the table spinning the lazy susan around and around, but that's ok.

We cheated and used a pattern for our pumpkin because it was just too cute!

Daddy took out all of the yucky guts for us! He's a good daddy like that!

Of course Grant had to get in on the action. He wouldn't allow daddy to get messy without him!

We all know that daddy isn't so great at reading instructions so Grant decided to help him out a little.

Here's the final product! I know you're thinking...."hmmm, he was born in August so didn't he do his first pumpkin last year?" That is true, but we waited until the last minute to get our pumpkin last year and didn't actually have time to carve it, so we just put a funny face tatoo on it. So, that said, here is Grant's first official Jack-O-Lantern. Of course, he went night night before it was finished so we have to get his picture with it today. I'll post it soon!

Waaayyy Behind!

I am such a slacker, so I've got lots of catching up to do! We went to the mountains a couple of weekends ago for the Woolly Worm Festival. It's something we go to every year with my family. You race woolly worms and the winner at the end of the day predicts the weather for the season. I know, it sounds a lil silly, but it lots of fun, and pretty entertaining to watch grown adults cheering on those little worms. Anyway, here are some pictures from the weekend.

We got there Thursday and the 3 of us went to Blowing Rock to play in the park, walk around town, and just relax. We had lunch at a lil place called Sonny's Grill. We got to sit at one of the old style bars on bar stools and drink from the old glass coke bottles. It was lots of fun. We took this picture in honor of my dad. Don't worry daddy, they don't serve bar-b-q as good as yours.

Grant got to have his first taste of Kilwin's Ice Cream! It was so yummy! We couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough.

This is at the Woolly Worm Festival. It was FREEZING, but it didn't even faze our lil guy. He is such a trooper. We bundled him up and off he went. Mom's got pictures of us racing and of Grant with his worm that I hope to get so I can post them. It was too funny!

Here are my two handsome boys having a blast together.

Grant also had a great time playing in all the leaves that had already fallen up there. My parents, aunt and uncle, and my sister's family all came up and a great time was had by all! Can't wait til next year!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Ok, so maybe it was more like Squirrels and Dogs and Cats Oh My! Either way Grant put on his camo and went huntin' today. He chased that squirrel down the road with all his might, but it ran up a tree and outsmarted him. He only made it home with 2 leaves and a rock. Better luck next time. Here he is with what he could actually catch! Eat your heart out Uncle Ronnie!

Latest on Jordan!

I haven't posted anything on Jordan in a while, but this is the week that he finds out everything. He has his MRI today at 4, so please be in prayer for him and his family. Pray for him to be healed, that there will be nothing to see. He should know results right after the MRI. If there is something he will have the biopsy on Fri. Pray, Pray, Pray!!