Monday, February 1, 2010

YAY Snow Again!

Can you believe it? We had snow again and this time it was 8-9 inches! It was so much fun! Mamaw and Papaw came to visit for the weekend and brought us a new sled so Grant got to go sledding(on a real sled, not the snow shovel) for the very first time! He absolutely LOVED it! The snow was deep enough that he couldn't walk in it by himself. As you can see, he sunk in it up past his knees.
Here's Grant throwing a BIG snowball at daddy! You get him buddy!
My sweet boy snuggling up, keeping mommy warm while we're sledding!
Mamaw even got in on the sledding action!
And of course we couldn't keep Papaw off of it! Him and his buddy have all kinds of adventures!
Here's our snowman! Mommy and Daddy built it while Grant kept sledding. He could have cared less about the snowman, but he did decide to name it daddy!
We talked Mamaw and Papaw into staying an extra night and we all got to enjoy a big bowl of snow cream together. Yummy! Can you tell lil man's enjoying his?
I love the snow so much! It is beautiful and gives us a good excuse to act like kids again. (although who really needs an excuse to do that, right?) We had so much fun together and were so happy that Mamaw and Papaw could be here to share it with us! Happy Sledding!