Saturday, July 25, 2009

We're Baaack!

It has been way way waaaay too long since I have updated, and I have way too many pictures to put on here, so I decided I would do a bunch of Grant's "firsts" from the past few months. So here we go. Here is Grant's first time helping Papaw and Bubba plant the garden. The first of many to come I'm sure.

We went camping for the first time in our new pop up with our Journey Group from church. I could have posted a pic of us with the pop up, but this pic of Grant with his lil friend Kaylee is much cuter.

This is Grant's (and mommy's) first time riding in a helicopter. It was so much fun. We went on a trip to Pigeon Forge. We did this and went to Cades Cove and saw bears, turkey, and deer. We got to see a dinner show, we shopped, and we went to a really cool petting zoo where we got to feed deer, goats, zebras, reindeer, camels, etc. and Grant got to take his first pony ride. Fun was had by all!

Here is Grant's first time changing a tire with daddy. We start early around here. haha! You can tell a little in this picture, but he was covered in grease, even his face, which my mama thinks is very funny and says it's payback from when daddy used to let me get covered in grease.

Our first time playing outside in the water this spring. The water was freezing, but obviously it didn't bother lil man. He's tough!

First time grilling out with daddy this summer! It was delicious, especially the plastic hamburgers and hotdogs!(Grant's, not daddy's haha)

Grant's first time visiting daddy's jobsite. Grant was just beside himself between excavators, bull dozers, rollers, pavers, etc. He had a ball. And yes we did have his hard hat...he just refused to wear it except long enough for mommy to snap a quick pic and it was back off, but I think standing in the bucket was his favorite part of the trip.

This is Grant's first time seeing fireworks. The first few booms scared him a lil, but then he loved it. We got milkshakes and went to see the K-ville fireworks with Grandaddy. It was lotsa fun.
So, that's pretty much our life for the past few months. We feel like everybody else....summer is flying by and our lil guy's 2nd b-day is coming up way too fast. Where does the time go?? Hopefully, I will start staying on top of things a lil better again and start posting more so everybody doesn't forget about us! That's it for now!