Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Chillin!

Not much exciting is going on around here right now. We have just been hanging out. E's working ALOT so we haven't been able to take any trips. Hopefully soon, but my parents and my 2 nieces came to visit last week and spoiled Grant rotten as usual. He had Britt-Britt and Nay-Nay building lego towers the whole time they were here just so he could knock them down. They're wrapped around his lil finger. We had such a great time. So glad they got to come.
Grant was mad at me because I was trying to take his picture, so I zoomed in and got those pouty lil lips and those beautiful brown eyes. I just think this is the sweetest picture.
This one's for Tam-Tam because she posted a pic of Grant on her blog playing on his sit and spin using no hand's, but what she doesn't know is that now he's learned to fly on it. haha!

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Tammy said...

Gee... What was I thinking... giving him such a dangerous toy?!! Don't you just love those people who give gifts that are dangerous and MAKE NOISE?!! Love you, Sis!